Gets the CObject pointer that represents the tail element of this list.

CObject*& GetTail( ); 
const CObject*& GetTail( ) const;

See the return value description for GetHead.

You must ensure that the list is not empty before calling GetTail. If the list is empty, then the Debug version of the Microsoft Foundation Class Library asserts. Use IsEmpty to verify that the list contains elements.

The following table shows other member functions that are similar to CObList::GetTail.


Member Function


const void*& GetTail( ) const; void*& GetTail( );


const CString& GetTail( ) const; CString& GetTail( );

See CObList::CObList for a listing of the CAge class.

CObList list;

list.AddHead(new CAge(21));
list.AddHead(new CAge(40)); // List now contains (40, 21).
ASSERT(*(CAge*) list.GetTail() == CAge(21));      

Header: afxcoll.h