This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Window Management Shortcut Keys, Visual C++ 6.0 Default Shortcut Option

Use the following shortcut key combinations to move, close, or navigate among tool and document windows.

Note   To see a list of shortcut keys that have changed or are no longer supported in Visual C++ .NET, see Obsolete Visual C++ 6.0 Key Commands and Changes to Visual C++ 6.0 Key Commands.
Command name Shortcut keys Description
View.FullScreen SHIFT + ALT + ENTER Toggles Full Screen mode on and off.
View.NavigateBackward CTRL + - Goes back to the previous document or window in the navigation history.
View.NavigateForward CTRL + SHIFT + - Moves forward to the document or window next in the navigation history.
Window.ActivateDocumentWindow ESC
ALT + 0
Closes a menu or dialog box, cancels an operation in progress, or places focus in the current document window.
Window.CloseDocumentWindow CTRL + F4 Closes the current MDI child window.
Window.CloseToolWindow SHIFT + ESC Closes the current tool window.
Window.NextDocumentWindow CTRL + F6
Cycle through the MDI child windows one window at a time.
Window.NextPane ALT + F6 Moves to the next tool window.
Window.NextSplitPane F6 Moves to the next pane of a split pane view of a single document.
Window.NextTab CTRL + PAGE DOWN Moves to the next tab in the document or window.
Window.PreviousDocumentWindow CTRL + SHIFT + F6
Moves to the previous document in the editor or designer.
Window.PreviousPane SHIFT + ALT + F6 Moves to the previously selected window.
Window.PreviousSplitPane SHIFT + F6 Moves to the previous pane of a document in split pane view.
Window.PreviousTab CTRL + PAGE UP Moves to the previous tab in the document or window.

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