This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Call a Web Service

After you add a Web reference to the XML Web service to your project, you can use the server name to create a proxy object that allows you to call the methods in the XML Web service.

To call a Web service programmatically

  • Use the Web reference name (or server name) as the namespace, and the name of its .WSDL file (or the service name) as the proxy class.

    The following code example calls a Web service method to get a string value. Web service variable names and syntax are highlighted.

    Private Sub Call_Web_Service_Method() 
        Dim CallWebService as New ServerName.WebServiceName() 
        Dim sGetValue as String = CallWebService.MethodName() 
        Label1.Text = sGetValue 
    End Sub 

    private void Call_Web_Service_Method()
        ServerName.WebServiceName CallWebService = 
            new ServerName.WebServiceName();
        String sGetValue = CallWebService.MethodName();
        Label1.Text = sGetValue;

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