SslStream Constructor (Stream, Boolean)

SslStream Constructor (Stream^, Boolean)


Initializes a new instance of the SslStream class using the specified Stream and stream closure behavior.

Namespace:   System.Net.Security
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

	Stream^ innerStream,
	bool leaveInnerStreamOpen


Type: System.IO::Stream^

A Stream object used by the SslStream for sending and receiving data.

Type: System::Boolean

A Boolean value that indicates the closure behavior of the Stream object used by the SslStream for sending and receiving data. This parameter indicates if the inner stream is left open.

Exception Condition

innerStream is not readable.


innerStream is not writable.


innerStream is null.


innerStream is equal to Null.

When you specify true for the leaveStreamOpen parameter, closing the SslStream has no effect on the innerStream stream; you must explicitly close innerStream when you no longer need it.

If a value is not specified in the configuration file for encryptionpolicy, the EncryptionPolicy defaults to EncryptionPolicy::RequireEncryption for the SslStream instance that is constructed.

The use of the Null cipher is required when the encryption policy is set to EncryptionPolicy::NoEncryption.

The following code example demonstrates calling this constructor.

static void ProcessClient( TcpClient^ client )

   // A client has connected. Create the 
   // SslStream using the client's network stream.
   SslStream^ sslStream = gcnew SslStream( client->GetStream(),false );

   // Authenticate the server but don't require the client to authenticate.
      sslStream->AuthenticateAsServer( serverCertificate, false, 
          SslProtocols::Tls, true );

      // Display the properties and settings for the authenticated stream.
      DisplaySecurityLevel( sslStream );
      DisplaySecurityServices( sslStream );
      DisplayCertificateInformation( sslStream );
      DisplayStreamProperties( sslStream );

      // Set timeouts for the read and write to 5 seconds.
      sslStream->ReadTimeout = 5000;
      sslStream->WriteTimeout = 5000;

      // Read a message from the client.   
      Console::WriteLine( L"Waiting for client message..." );
      String^ messageData = ReadMessage( sslStream );
      Console::WriteLine( L"Received: {0}", messageData );

      // Write a message to the client.
      array<Byte>^message = Encoding::UTF8->GetBytes( L"Hello from the server.<EOF>" );
      Console::WriteLine( L"Sending hello message." );
      sslStream->Write( message );
   catch ( AuthenticationException^ e ) 
      Console::WriteLine( L"Exception: {0}", e->Message );
      if ( e->InnerException != nullptr )
         Console::WriteLine( L"Inner exception: {0}", e->InnerException->Message );
      Console::WriteLine( L"Authentication failed - closing the connection." );

      // The client stream will be closed with the sslStream
      // because we specified this behavior when creating
      // the sslStream.


.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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