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Terminates the current print job and erases everything the application has written to the device since the last call to the StartDoc member function.

int AbortDoc( );

A value greater than or equal to 0 if successful, or a negative value if an error has occurred. The following list shows common error values and their meanings:

  • SP_ERROR   General error.

  • SP_OUTOFDISK   Not enough disk space is currently available for spooling, and no more space will become available.

  • SP_OUTOFMEMORY   Not enough memory is available for spooling.

  • SP_USERABORT   User terminated the job through the Print Manager.

This member function replaces the ABORTDOC printer escape.

AbortDoc should be used to terminate the following:

  • Printing operations that do not specify an abort function using SetAbortProc.

  • Printing operations that have not yet reached their first NEWFRAME or NEXTBAND escape call.

If an application encounters a printing error or a canceled print operation, it must not attempt to terminate the operation by using either the EndDoc or AbortDoc member functions of class CDC. GDI automatically terminates the operation before returning the error value.

If the application displays a dialog box to allow the user to cancel the print operation, it must call AbortDoc before destroying the dialog box.

If Print Manager was used to start the print job, calling AbortDoc erases the entire spool job — the printer receives nothing. If Print Manager was not used to start the print job, the data may have been sent to the printer before AbortDoc was called. In this case, the printer driver would have reset the printer (when possible) and closed the print job.


See the example for CDC::StartDoc.


Header: afxwin.h

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