This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

RDO Data-Bound Controls

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The following data-bound controls display data from the RDO RemoteData control. See Inserting the Control into a Visual C++ Application and Setting Control Properties at Design Time for information on using ActiveX controls.

Control name and support files Description
Microsoft DBCombo



The DBCombo control allows retrieved data to appear in a drop-down combo box.

To connect the DBCombo control to a data source

  1. Set the DataSource and the RowSource properties to an RDO RemoteData control.
  2. Set the DataField and ListField properties to the desired fields.

DataSource and DataField govern the active value of the DBCombo control. RowSource and ListField allow the display of column data other than the current record. You can also set the BoundColumn property; this property represents the value of the control when it is made into a variable in an MFC application.

Microsoft DBGrid



The DBGrid control displays retrieved data. It can hold text data, but not linked or embedded objects. The AllowAddNew, AllowDelete, and AllUpdate properties allow the DBGrid to modify data.
Microsoft DBList



The DBList control allows retrieved data to appear in a drop-down list box.

To connect the DBList control to a data source

  1. Follow the instructions for connecting a DBCombo control to a data source.
Microsoft FlexGrid



The FlexGrid control displays tabular data. Unlike the DBGrid, it is read-only. It has different formatting capabilities than the DBGrid control; it can sort, merge, and format tables containing strings and pictures.

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