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Calculates the centerpoint of CRect by adding the left and right values and dividing by two, and adding the top and bottom values and dividing by two.

CPoint CenterPoint( ) const throw( );

A CPoint object that is the centerpoint of CRect.

// Code from this OnPaint() implementation can be pasted into your own application 
// to draw lines that would look like a letter "Y" within your dialog. 
void CMyDlg::OnPaint()
   CPaintDC dc(this); // device context for painting 

   // get the size and position of the client area of  
   // your window

   CRect rect;

   // Move the current pen to the top left of the window. We call the 
   // TopLeft() member of CRect here and it returns a CPoint object we 
   // pass to the override of CDC::MoveTo() that accepts a CPoint.


   // Draw a line from the top left to the center of the window. 
   // CenterPoint() gives us the middle point of the window as a 
   // CPoint, and since CDC::LineTo() has an override that accepts a 
   // CPoint, we can just pass it along.


   // Now, draw a line to the top right of the window. There's no 
   // CRect member which returns a CPoint for the top right of the 
   // window, so we'll reference the CPoint members directly and call 
   // the CDC::LineTo() override which takes two integers.

   dc.LineTo(rect.right, rect.top);

   // The top part of the "Y" is drawn. Now, we'll draw the stem. We
   // start from the center point.


   // and then draw to the middle of the bottom edge of the window. 
   // We'll get the x-coordinate from the x member of the CPoint 
   // returned by CenterPoint(), and the y value comes directly from 
   // the rect.

   dc.LineTo(rect.CenterPoint().x, rect.bottom);

Header: atltypes.h

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