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A structure whose members store the characteristics of the dialog object.


After constructing a CPrintDialog object, you can use m_pd to set various aspects of the dialog box before calling the DoModal member function. For more information on the m_pd structure, see PRINTDLG in the Platform SDK.

If you modify the m_pd data member directly, you will override any default behavior.

// Display the Windows Print dialog box with "Pages" radio button
// initially selected. "All" and "Pages" radio buttons are
// enabled as well.
dlg.m_pd.nMinPage = dlg.m_pd.nFromPage =1;
dlg.m_pd.nMaxPage = dlg.m_pd.nToPage = 10;
if (dlg.DoModal() == IDOK)
   // Determine the starting and ending page numbers for the range 
   // of pages to be printed.

   int from_page, to_page;
   if (dlg.PrintAll())              // print all pages in the document
      from_page = dlg.m_pd.nMinPage;
      to_page = dlg.m_pd.nMaxPage;
   else if (dlg.PrintRange())       // print only a range of pages 
   {                                // in the document 
      from_page = dlg.GetFromPage();
      to_page = dlg.GetToPage();
   else if (dlg.PrintSelection())   // print only the currently selected 
                                    // items
      from_page = to_page = -1;     // -1 to denote unknown yet

   TRACE("Print from %d to %d\n", from_page, to_page);
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