This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Collection Class Helpers

The collection classes CMap, CList, and CArray use templated global helper functions for such purposes as comparing, copying, and serializing elements. As part of your implementation of classes based on CMap, CList, and CArray, you must override these functions as necessary with versions tailored to the type of data stored in your map, list, or array. For information on overriding ConstructElements, DestructElements, and SerializeElements, see the article Collections: How to Make a Type-Safe Collection.

The Microsoft Foundation Class Library provides the following global functions to help you customize your collection classes:

Collection Class Helpers

CompareElements Indicates whether elements are the same.
CopyElements Copies elements from one array to another.
DumpElements Provides stream-oriented diagnostic output.
HashKey Calculates a hash key.
SerializeElements Stores or retrieves elements to or from an archive.

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