This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to: Set Project Properties (C#, J#) 

Visual Studio 2005

A project's properties specify how a project is built and debugged, as well as which libraries it references, how and where it is published, and any security settings to use. Use the Project Designer to set the project's properties. For more information, see Introduction to the Project Designer.


The options available in dialog boxes, and the names and locations of menu commands you see, might differ from what is described in Help depending on your active settings or edition. This Help page was written with the General Development settings in mind. To view or change your settings, choose Import and Export Settings on the Tools menu. For more information, see Visual Studio Settings.

Setting Properties Using the Project Designer

You can display the property settings in the Project Designer when you select the project in Solution Explorer.


Access an individual file's properties in the Properties window.

To set project properties in the Project Designer

  1. In Solution Explorer, select the project.

  2. On the Project menu, click <Project Name> Properties.

  3. Select the name of the properties page to change or view.

  4. Set the properties.


The Project Designer has no OK or Cancel button. All property changes take immediate effect in the active project; however, the settings are commited to the project file only when you select one of the save options, or when you close the designer.


Properties that are grayed are defined in other property panes. They are displayed for information only.

If you have a multiple-project solution, you can use more than one instance of the Project Designer at a time.

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