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Controls the inline expansion of direct or mutually recursive function calls.

#pragma inline_recursion( [{on | off}] )

Use this pragma to control functions marked as inline and __inline or functions that the compiler automatically expands under the /Ob2 option. Use of this pragma requires an /Ob compiler option setting of either 1 or 2. The default state for inline_recursion is off. This pragma takes effect at the first function call after the pragma is seen and does not affect the definition of the function.

The inline_recursion pragma controls how recursive functions are expanded. If inline_recursion is off, and if an inline function calls itself (either directly or indirectly), the function is expanded only one time. If inline_recursion is on, the function is expanded multiple times until it reaches the value set with the inline_depth pragma, the default value for recursive functions that is defined by the inline_depth pragma, or a capacity limit.

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