Filter and sort data in a Windows Forms application


You filter data by setting the Filter property to a string expression that returns the desired records.

You sort data by setting the Sort property to the column name you want to sort on; append DESC to sort in descending order, or append ASC to sort in ascending order.

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

If your application does not use BindingSource components, you can filter and sort data by using DataView objects. For more information, see DataViews.

  • Set the Filter property to the expression you want to return. For example, the following code returns customers with a CompanyName that starts with "B":

                customersBindingSource.Filter = "CompanyName like 'B'";

  • Set the Sort property to the column you want to sort on. For example, the following code sorts customers on the CompanyName column in descending order:

                customersBindingSource.Sort = "CompanyName Desc";

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