We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Creates a code library.


The /target:library option causes the compiler to create a DLL rather than an executable file (EXE). The DLL will be created with the .dll extension.

Unless otherwise specified with the /out option, the output file name takes the name of the first input file.

When specified at the command line, all source files up to the next /out or /target:exe option are used to create the .dll.

/t is the short form of /target.


The JScript compiler, jsc.exe, can reference assemblies created using the same version or an earlier version of the compiler. However, the JScript compiler might encounter compile-time errors when referencing assemblies created with later versions of the compiler. For example, the JScript .NET 2003 compiler can reference any assembly created with the JScript .NET 2002 compiler, although the JScript .NET 2002 compiler may fail when referencing an assembly created with JScript .NET 2003.

Compile in.js, creating in.dll:

jsc /target:library in.js