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Important This document may not represent best practices for current development, links to downloads and other resources may no longer be valid. Current recommended version can be found here.

Class Library Support

Visual Studio 2005

Visual J# provides an independently developed set of class libraries designed to provide the functionality equivalent to most JDK level 1.1.4 class libraries and includes classes specified in the College Board's Advanced Placement curriculum for Computer Science. Visual J# also supports Microsoft® extensions shipped with Microsoft Visual J++® 6.0, including Windows Foundation Classes (WFC) and many other com.ms.* class libraries.

This section lists the supported and unsupported packages in Visual J#, as well as implementation-specific details for the class library support.

In This Section

Supported Class Libraries

Lists the set of class libraries available in Visual J#.

Unsupported Class Libraries and Features

Lists the unsupported class libraries and APIs in Visual J#.

Additional Class Library Support

Provides a list of classes and interfaces that implement functionality equivalent to JDK 1.2 level.

Methods in java.lang.Class Class

Provides details on the Class.FromType and Class.ToType methods in java.lang.Class.

Methods in com.ms.wfc.app.Locale Class

Lists deprecated methods of the com.mswfc.app.Locale class and their replacements.

Methods in com.ms.vjsharp.text.FormatDefaults Class

Documents the com.ms.vjsharp.text.FormatDefaults method supported by Visual J#.

Inner Exceptions

Describes the behavior of J# Exception classes.

Compatibility Issues with Visual J++ 6.0

Provides details on compatibility issues between Visual J# and Visual J++ 6.0 for various Java-language and JDK level 1.1.4 packages.

Supplemental UI Library

Describes how you can use the Supplemental UI Library to develop any kind of application with a Microsoft Windows look and feel.

Thread Death Compatibility Class Warning

Describes the difference in thread behavior between J++ and J#.

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Reference topics on the Visual J# compiler, the Binary Converter Tool (JbImp.exe), language and library support, upgrading from Visual J++ 6.0 projects, Visual J# syntax for .NET Framework class library, and development-environment features.

Language Support

Provides reference information on Visual J++ 6.0 and .NET Framework language features that are and are not supported in Visual J#.

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