This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual C++ Projects

An application wizard provides a user interface that you use to create a project, modeled after a project template, and generates source files and directories for the application. The wizard provides program structure, basic menus, toolbars, icons, and appropriate #include statements. Visual C++ application wizards work in conjunction with application frameworks and libraries to create starter programs for you.

You can always write programs without using application wizards, but because the wizards provide a complete set of project files and structure, using a wizard to begin your project allows you to proceed immediately to programming functionality.

Note   .NET project types do not have a user interface; instead, they automatically add the essential project references and files and open your solution in Solution Explorer.

Project Types

Visual Studio contains a project template or application wizard for the following project types. Each wizard helps you create projects:


Note   Managed Extensions for C++ projects require that you use Managed Extensions for C++ in your source code. For more information on targeting the common language runtime and the .NET Framework class library in Visual C++, see Managed Extensions for C++ Programming.




Application wizard How to create a project
Win32 Project Wizard Creating a Win32 Project


Application wizard How to create a project
Custom Wizard Creating a Custom Wizard
Extended Stored Procedure DLL Wizard Creating an Extended Stored Procedure
Makefile Project Wizard Creating a Makefile Project

TODO Comments

The files generated by an application wizard contain TODO comments in the form of comments. These are areas where you provide your own source code or where you can use more wizards to develop your application. A list of the new project's TODO comments appears in the Task List.

See the following topics for more information about using these features:

After running the application wizard, you can immediately build the project successfully and run the application.

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