This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Merges Command

Displays detailed information about past merges between the specified source and destination branches.

Required Permissions

To use the merges command, you must have the Read permission set to Allow for both source and destination branches. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

tf merges [/server:servername] [source] destination [/recursive]




The user-provided value for the /server option. Example: teamfoundation2.


Filters the merge history to include only entries with the specified sources.

This parameter is optional.


Specifies the destination branch for which merge history is displayed.

This parameter is required.




Identifies the Team Foundation Server. This option is required if the command is invoked from a directory that is not mapped to a workspace.


Displays information for all merges in specified Team Foundation version control server folder and its subfolders.

For links to other Team Foundation commands that provide additional information about the items in your Team Foundation version control server and all the workspaces that map to it, see Informational Commands.

For more information on how to find the tf command-line utility, see Tf Command-Line Utility Commands.

The following example displays information about all merge operations performed between Beta1_branch and RTM_branch.

c:\projects>tf merges /recursive Beta1_branch RTM_branch
  • Sample output:

    Changeset  Merged in Changeset   Author   Date
    135         162                   Justin     10/31/2003
    146         162                   Justin      10/31/2003
    147*        167                   Bill       11/02/2003

    The asterisk ‘*’ next to changeset 147 indicates that only some of the changes in that changeset #147 were merged into changeset #167.