This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

AdRotator Web Server Control

Visual Studio .NET 2003

The AdRotator Web Server Control cycles through a series of clickable ad banners, and allows some ads to be weighted more heavily than others. Ads can either be linked to the control using an XML file with a predefined schema or by creating your own custom logic.

The following topics provide information that you will find useful in learning to work with the AdRotator control.

In This Section

Introduction to the AdRotator Web Server Control
Provides a general description of the AdRotator control.
Adding AdRotator Controls to a Web Forms Page
Gives directions for placing AdRotator controls on a Web Forms page.
Creating an Ad List for the Ad Rotator Web Server Control
Describes how to create an ad list using the XML designer.
Selecting Ads in an AdRotator Web Server Control at Run Time
Gives directions on how to select ads in code.
Tracking Ad Responses for the AdRotator Control
Describes a strategy for gathering statistics about which ads users click.

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