Line Property (WScript)

Returns the current line number in an input stream.



WScript object.


StdIn property.

The Line property is a read-only integer.

After a stream is first opened, Line will initially be 1.

The StdIn, StdOut, and StdErr properties and methods work only when the script is run with CScript.exe. If the script is run with WScript.exe, an error occurs.

The following code demonstrates the use of the Line property.

Dim StdIn, StdOut
Set StdIn = WScript.StdIn
Set StdOut = WScript.StdOut

Do While Not StdIn.AtEndOfStream
     str = StdIn.ReadLine
     StdOut.WriteLine "Line " & (StdIn.Line - 1) & ": " & str
var stdin = WScript.StdIn;
var stdout = WScript.StdOut;

while (!stdin.AtEndOfStream)
     var str = stdin.ReadLine();
     stdout.WriteLine("Line " + (stdin.Line - 1) + ": " + str);

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