This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Call this member function to retrieve the current number of seconds to allow before subsequent operations on the connected database are timed out.

short GetQueryTimeout( );

A short integer containing the timeout value in seconds.

An operation might time out due to network access problems, excessive query processing time, and so on. While the setting is in effect, it affects all open, add new, update, and delete operations on any recordsets associated with this CDaoDatabase object. You can change the current timeout setting by calling SetQueryTimeout. Changing the query timeout value for a recordset after opening does not change the value for the recordset. For example, subsequent Move operations do not use the new value. The default value is initially set when the database engine is initialized.

The default value for query timeouts is taken from the Windows registry. If there is no registry setting, the default is 60 seconds. Not all databases support the ability to set a query timeout value. If you set a query timeout value of 0, no timeout occurs; and communication with the database may hang. This behavior may be useful during development. If the call fails, MFC throws an exception of type CDaoException.

For related information, see the topic "QueryTimeout Property" in DAO Help.