Welcome User Interface Dialog Box

The Welcome dialog box is used to present introductory text and copyright information to the user. The text in the banner area of the dialog box reads "Welcome to the ProductName Setup Wizard". ProductName is the ProductName property for the deployment project.

The following illustration shows a typical Welcome dialog box, as it would appear during installation.

Welcome dialog box

Deployment UI splash screen

The following properties are available for the Welcome dialog box.




Specifies a bitmap or JPEG image to be displayed in the banner area. In the above illustration, the default bitmap is shown. For more information, see BannerBitmap Property.


Specifies the text for a copyright notice to be displayed at the bottom of the dialog box. For more information, see CopyrightWarning Property.


Specifies the text to be displayed in the body of the dialog box. In the above illustration, this is the text that begins with "The installer will guide you ...".

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