Property Sheets and Property Pages in MFC 

A property sheet, also known as a tab dialog box, is a dialog box that contains property pages. Each page contains controls, is based on a dialog template resource, and appears on a tab, an enclosure that looks like a file folder with a tab at the top. The tab names the page and indicates its purpose. Users click a tab in the property sheet to select a set of controls.

Use pages to group the controls in the property sheet into meaningful sets. The containing property sheet normally has several controls of its own. These apply to all pages.

For example, several dialog boxes in the development environment are property sheets, including the Customize dialog box.

Property sheets are based on class CPropertySheet. Property pages are based on class CPropertyPage.

A property sheet is a special kind of dialog box that is generally used to modify the attributes of some external object, such as the current selection in a view. The property sheet has three main parts: the containing dialog box, one or more property pages shown one at a time, and a tab at the top of each page that the user clicks to select that page. Property sheets are useful for situations where you have a number of similar groups of settings or options to change. A property sheet allows a large amount of information to be grouped in an easily understood fashion.

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