This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CComDynamicUnkArray Class 

This class stores an array of IUnknown pointers.

class CComDynamicUnkArray

CComDynamicUnkArray holds a dynamically allocated array of IUnknown pointers, each an interface on a connection point. CComDynamicUnkArray can be used as a parameter to the IConnectionPointImpl template class.

The CComDynamicUnkArray methods begin and end can be used to loop through all connection points (for example, when an event is fired).

See Adding Connection Points to an Object for details on automating creation of connection point proxies.


Note    The class CComDynamicUnkArray is used by the Add Class wizard when creating a control which has Connection Points. If you wish to specify the number of Connection Points manually, change the reference from CComDynamicUnkArray to CComUnkArray< n >, where n is the number of connection points required.

Header: atlcom.h