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File Permission Constants


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#include <sys/stat.h>  

One of these constants is required when _O_CREAT (_open, _sopen) is specified.

The pmode argument specifies the file's permission settings as follows.

_S_IREADReading permitted
_S_IWRITEWriting permitted
_S_IREAD | _S_IWRITEReading and writing permitted

When used as the pmode argument for _umask, the manifest constant sets the permission setting, as follows.

_S_IREADWriting not permitted (file is read-only)
_S_IWRITEReading not permitted (file is write-only)
_S_IREAD | _S_IWRITENeither reading nor writing permitted

_open, _wopen
_sopen, _wsopen
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