This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Inserting New Records into a Dataset

In order to add new records into a dataset, a new data row must be created and added to the DataRow collection of a data table. The following procedure details how to insert additional rows into a DataTable object in a dataset. For this example, it is assumed the ExistingTable is in a dataset and has two columns named FirstName and LastName.

To add new records to a typed or untyped dataset

  1. Call a data table's NewRow method to create a new, blank record.

    This new record inherits its column structure from the data table's DataColumnCollection.

    ' Visual Basic
    Dim anyRow as DataRow = ExistingTable.NewRow
    // C#
    DataRow anyRow = ExistingTable.NewRow();
  2. Update the new row as if it were an existing record.
    ' Visual Basic
    anyRow(0) = "Jay"
    anyRow(1) = "Stevens"
    ' or
    anyRow("FirstName") = "Jay"
    anyRow("LastName") = "Stevens"
    // C#
    anyRow[0] = "Jay";
    anyRow[1] = "Stevens";
    // or
    anyRow["FirstName"] = "Jay";
    anyRow["LastName"] = "Stevens";
  3. Add the new record to the table by calling the Add method of the DataRowCollection object.
    ' Visual Basic
    // C#

Inserting New Records with Typed Datasets

Typed datasets expose the column names as properties of the DataRow object.

To add new records using typed datasets

  • The following example illustrates the same three steps above, except this time the code is modified for use with a typed dataset:
    ' Visual Basic
    Dim anyRow as DataRow = DatasetName.ExistingTable.NewRow
    anyRow.FirstName = "Jay"
    anyRow.LastName = "Stevens"
    // C#
    DataRow anyRow = DatasetName.ExistingTable.NewRow();
    anyRow.FirstName = "Jay";
    anyRow.LastName = "Stevens";

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