This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Navigation and Graphical Elements in Help Topics

Individual Help topics include graphical and non-graphical elements to improve your ability to locate information quickly.

Several elements appear in the header below the topic title to aid in navigating the content in the topic. These elements change depending on the type of content you are viewing.



See Also

Navigates to the end of the topic where a list of topics that contain information related to the current topic appears.


Navigates to the Example section of the topic where sample code can be found.


Navigates to the Public Fields section of the topic.


Navigates to the Public Methods section of the topic.


Navigates to the Public Properties section of the topic.


Displays the topic which documents the members for the language ref

Collapse All

Expand All

Hides all content but the introduction section and subheadings within a topic or shows all content in the topic.

Language Filter

Displays a list of languages, such as Visual Basic. Selecting one of the languages filters the contents of the topic to be specific to that language. Select all of the languages listed to display all of the information in the topic, regardless of which language it applies to.

Members Options: Show All

Members Options: Filtered

Displays a list of members, such as Inherited or Protected. Selecting one of the member filters the content of the topic to be specific to that member.

Language reference topics often include icons to provide at-a-glace information about items listed in tables.



Class Icon

Public Class

Lollipop Interface Symbol

Public Interface

StructureSymbol screenshot

Public Structure

Delegate Symbol

Public Delegate

Enumeration Symbol

Public Enumeration

Field Icon

Public Field

PropertySymbolButton screenshot

Public Property

Declaration Symbol

Public Method

Protected Method

Protected Method

Supported by the .NET Compact Framework

Supported by the .NET Compact Framework