This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Specifies a default base address when creating a DLL.





Required. The base address for the DLL. This address must be specified as a hexadecimal number.

The default base address for a DLL is set by the .NET Framework.

Be aware that the lower-order word in this address is rounded. For example, if you specify 0x11110001, it is rounded to 0x11110000.

To complete the signing process for a DLL, use the –R option of the Strong Naming tool (Sn.exe).

This option is ignored if the target is not a DLL.

To set /baseaddress in the Visual Studio IDE

  1. Have a project selected in Solution Explorer. On the Project menu, click Properties. For more information, see Introduction to the Project Designer.

  2. Click the Compile tab.

  3. Click Advanced.

  4. Modify the value in the DLL base address: box.

    Note Note

    The DLL base address: box is read-only unless the target is a DLL.