This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.


Generates a UWOP_PUSH_NONVOL unwind code entry for the specified register number using the current offset in the prologue.

.PUSHREG register

.PUSHREG allows ml64.exe users to specify how a frame function unwinds, and is only allowed within the prologue, which extends from the PROC FRAME declaration to the .ENDPROLOG directive. These directives do not generate code; they only generate .xdata and .pdata. .PUSHREG should be preceded by instructions that actually implement the actions to be unwound. It is a good practice to wrap both the unwind directives and the code they are meant to unwind in a macro to ensure agreement.

For more information, see MASM for x64 (ml64.exe).

The following sample shows how to push non-volatile tegisters.

; ml64 ex1.asm /link /entry:Example1 /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE
   push r10
.pushreg r10
   push r15
.pushreg r15
   push rbx
.pushreg rbx
   push rsi
.pushreg rsi
   ; rest of function ...
Example1 ENDP
_text ENDS