Web Palette Tab, Color Picker Dialog Box

When you select a color swatch, its hexadecimal RGB code appears in the Color field and the selected attribute:RGBcolor pair will be inserted into your cascading style sheet (CSS) style definition when you close the Style Builder dialog box. The colors on this tab are all displayed consistently in Web browsers.

For example, while editing an HTML page in Design view, select the <BODY> element in the Document Outline window and choose Build Style on the Format menu. Select Background and choose the ellipsis button (...) next to the Color field to open the Color Picker dialog box. On its Web Palette tab, choose a light blue color swatch. When you close the Style Builder dialog box, an attribute:color pair like the following is inserted between the braces ({ }) of your BODY style:


To access this dialog box

  1. In Microsoft Visual Web Developer, in Design view, select a control or HTML element that renders markup (such as a Table control or an HTML <input> button).

  2. Open the Style Builder dialog box by performing one of the following actions:

    • In Design view, select the control or element, click Format, and then click Style.

    • In Design view, right-click the control or element and click Style.

    • Select the control or element, select its Style property in the Properties window, and then choose the ellipsis button (...).

    • If you are working in the Document Styles window, select an Element, a Class, or an Element ID, and then choose the Build Style icon.

    • If you are editing a CSS style sheet, place the insertion point between the braces ({ }) of a CSS style, and then choose Build Style on the Style menu.

    The Style Builder dialog box opens.

  3. Select any of the tabs in the Style Builder dialog box that contain a Color drop-down list, and click the ellipsis (…) button next to the box.

    The Color Picker dialog box opens.

  4. Click the Web Palette tab.

(Color palette)

Displays clickable swatches of the colors that you can choose from.


Displays the hexadecimal RGB code for the selected color.


Closes the Color Picker dialog box and adds the selected attribute:RGBcolor pair to the CSS markup that will be inserted when you close the Style Builder dialog box.

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