This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Just-In-Time Debugging

You can run a program created in Visual Studio outside of the Visual Studio environment. Just-In-Time debugging is a technique for debugging a program that is started outside of Visual Studio. If you have enabled Just-In-Time debugging, the program will bring up a dialog box when a crash occurs. This dialog box will ask if you want to debug the program and which debugger you want to use.

Note   For applications written with Managed Extensions for C++, if you are debugging a nonoptimized release build, Just-in-Time debugging might break at a different location from where exception was actually thrown. To correct this, add the following code to your application's AssemblyInfo.cpp file:
[assembly:System::Diagnostics::DebuggableAttribute(true, true)];
If you compile with /Zi and without /Og, the compiler sets this attribute for you.
For more information, see DebuggableAttribute Constructor.

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