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Working with Records

After you create a table and the fields it contains, you can store data in tables using records. Each record is a row that consists of each field in the table.

In This Section

How to: View Records in Tables

Describes how to view records, which store data, in tables.

How to: Navigate Records in Tables

Describes how to move through records in tables.

How to: Filter Records in Tables

Describes how to display only certain records or restrict access to them.

How to: Configure Browse Windows or Grids

Describes how to customize the display of browse windows or grids.

How to: Add Records to Tables

Describes how to add records to tables for storing data or appending records from other tables or files.

How to: Add Data to Records

Describes how to add data to records after creating new records or replace data in existing records.

How to: Delete Records in Tables

Describes how to mark records for deletion, which remain on disk until you remove them.

How to: Restore Deleted Records

Describes how to restore records marked for deletion.

How to: Remove Deleted Records

Describes how to remove records marked for deletion permanently from disk.

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