SocketPermission Constructor (PermissionState)


Initializes a new instance of the SocketPermission class that allows unrestricted access to the Socket or disallows access to the Socket.

Namespace:   System.Net
Assembly:  System (in System.dll)

	PermissionState state


Type: System.Security.Permissions::PermissionState

One of the PermissionState values.

If the SocketPermission instance is created with the Unrestricted value from PermissionState then the SocketPermission instance passes all demands. Any other value for state results in a SocketPermission instance that fails all demands unless a transport address permission is added with AddPermission.

The following example creates a SocketPermission using a PermissionState enumerated value.

SocketPermission^ socketPermission1 = gcnew SocketPermission( PermissionState::Unrestricted );

// Create a 'SocketPermission' Object* for two ip addresses.
SocketPermission^ socketPermission2 = gcnew SocketPermission( PermissionState::None );
SecurityElement^ securityElement1 = socketPermission2->ToXml();
// 'SocketPermission' Object* for 'Connect' permission
SecurityElement^ securityElement2 = gcnew SecurityElement( "ConnectAccess" );
// Format to specify ip address are <ip-address>#<port>#<transport-type>
// First 'SocketPermission' ip-address is '' for 'All' transport types and
// for 'All'ports for the ip-address.
SecurityElement^ securityElement3 = gcnew SecurityElement( "URI","" );
// Second 'SocketPermission' ip-address is '' for 'All' transport types and
// for 'All' ports for the ip-address.
SecurityElement^ securityElement4 = gcnew SecurityElement( "URI","" );
securityElement2->AddChild( securityElement3 );
securityElement2->AddChild( securityElement4 );
securityElement1->AddChild( securityElement2 );

// Obtain a 'SocketPermission' Object* using 'FromXml' method.
socketPermission2->FromXml( securityElement1 );

Console::WriteLine( "\nDisplays the result of FromXml method : \n" );
Console::WriteLine( socketPermission2 );

// Create another 'SocketPermission' Object* with two ip addresses.
// First 'SocketPermission' ip-address is '' for 'All' transport types and for 'All' ports for the ip-address.
SocketPermission^ socketPermission3 =
   gcnew SocketPermission( NetworkAccess::Connect,
      SocketPermission::AllPorts );

// Second 'SocketPermission' ip-address is '' for 'All' transport types and for 'All' ports for the ip-address.
socketPermission3->AddPermission( NetworkAccess::Connect,
   SocketPermission::AllPorts );

Console::WriteLine( "Displays the result of AddPermission method : \n" );
Console::WriteLine( socketPermission3 );

// Find the intersection between two 'SocketPermission' objects.
socketPermission1 = dynamic_cast<SocketPermission^>(socketPermission2->Intersect( socketPermission3 ));

Console::WriteLine( "Displays the result of Intersect method :\n " );
Console::WriteLine( socketPermission1 );

// Demand that the calling method have the requsite socket permission.

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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