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Specifies that the IDispatch implementation includes only the properties and methods listed in the interface description and cannot be extended with additional members at run time.


The nonextensible C++ attribute has the same functionality as the nonextensible MIDL attribute.

Use of nonextensible also requires the oleautomation attribute.

The following code shows one use of the nonextensible attribute:

// cpp_attr_ref_nonextensible.cpp  
// compile with: /LD  
#include "unknwn.h"  
[export] typedef long HRESULT;  
[dual, nonextensible, ms_union, oleautomation,   
__interface IFireTabCtrl  
   HRESULT procedure (int i);   

Attribute Context

Applies tointerface
Required attributesdual and oleautomation, or dispinterface
Invalid attributesNone

For more information about the attribute contexts, see Attribute Contexts.

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