Information Module (Visual Basic) 

The Information module contains the procedures used to return, test for, or verify information.

This module supports the Visual Basic language keywords and run-time library members that provide error information, validate data, determine array bounds, and retrieve data type and color information.

The following example uses the VbTypeName function to return data type names for several variables.

Dim sysDateName As String = "System.DateTime"
Dim sysShortName As String = "Int16"
Dim sysBadName As String = "Nonsense"
Dim testVbName As String
testVbName = VbTypeName(sysDateName) 
' Returns "Date".
testVbName = VbTypeName(sysShortName) 
' Returns "Short".
testVbName = VbTypeName(sysBadName) 
' Returns Nothing.