This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual Basic Sample Applications

In the Visual Basic documentation, a sample is a Visual Basic project you can load into Visual Studio and run. An example is a small block of code that demonstrates a single, limited programming task. A snippet is a block of code that is inserted in the Code Editor using the IntelliSense Code Snippet feature.

In addition to examining the samples in the following list, you might want to look for samples available on Visual Basic Developer Center (

Visual Basic Application Samples

These samples demonstrate project, user, and assembly tasks.

Data Samples

These samples demonstrate data access.

Visual Basic Language Samples

These samples demonstrate Visual Basic language concepts.

Visual Basic Security Samples

These samples demonstrate security tasks.

Visual Basic Server Component Samples

These samples demonstrate applications that interact with Windows operating-system components.

Visual Basic Windows Forms Samples

These samples demonstrate Windows Forms applications.

How to: Install and Troubleshoot Database Components for Samples

Explains how to install the sample databases used in the samples.

Visual Basic Coding Conventions

Describes the coding guidelines used to create the samples.

Visual Basic IntelliSense Code Snippets

Blocks of code that you can insert directly into the Code Editor.

Application Samples

Applications written using the .NET Framework.

Technology Samples

These samples highlight particular features of the .NET Framework.

LINQ Samples

These samples demonstrate various LINQ technologies.