This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Component Authoring

The designers in the .NET Framework make it easy to author components. You can extend their functionality to provide a better programming experience for users of your components.

Component Programming Walkthroughs

Provides a list of the walkthroughs available for component creation and implementation.

Component Classes

Describes what makes a class a component, ways to expose component functionality, controlling access to components, and controlling how component instances are created.

Components and Containers

Describes the relationship between a component and its container, and how this relationship affects the architecture of your applications.

Properties Overview

Provides an overview of properties in the .NET Framework.

Raising Events from a Component

Provides links to topics that describe how to raise events.

Design-Time Attributes for Components

Describes design-time metadata attributes for components.

Multithreading in Components

Discusses how to implement multithreading in your components.

User Assistance for Components

Describes how to implement help files for your components.

How to: Display Forms from Components

Demonstrates how to display a form from a non-visual component.

How to: License Components and Controls

Describes how to implement licensing for components.

Common Language Specification

Introduces the common language runtime, which is designed to simplify the creation and use of components. An important aspect of this simplification is enhanced interoperability between components written using different programming languages.

Extending Design-Time Support

Provides links to a variety of topics related to creating design-time support for your components, such as implementing UI type editors, type converters, and custom designers.