SqlCeConnection Properties

The SqlCeConnection type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Protected property CanRaiseEvents (inherited from Component)
Public property ConnectionString Gets or sets the string used to open a database. (Overrides DbConnection.ConnectionString.)
Public property ConnectionTimeout Gets the time to wait while trying to establish a connection before terminating the attempt and generating an error. (Overrides DbConnection.ConnectionTimeout.)
Public property Container (inherited from Component)
Public property Database Gets the name of the current database or the database to be used when a connection is open. (Overrides DbConnection.Database.)
Public property DatabaseIdentifier Gets the unique identifier of the current database while synchronizing.
Public property DataSource Gets the file name of the data source. (Overrides DbConnection.DataSource.)
Protected property DbProviderFactory (inherited from DbConnection)
Protected property DesignMode (inherited from Component)
Protected property Events (inherited from Component)
Public property ServerVersion Returns the database version number as a string. (Overrides DbConnection.ServerVersion.)
Public property Site (inherited from Component)
Public property State Gets the current state of the connection. (Overrides DbConnection.State.)