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HtmlWindow.OpenNew Method (String, String)

Displays a file in a new window.

Namespace: System.Windows.Forms
Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in

public HtmlWindow OpenNew (
	string urlString,
	string windowOptions
public HtmlWindow OpenNew (
	String urlString, 
	String windowOptions
public function OpenNew (
	urlString : String, 
	windowOptions : String
) : HtmlWindow
Not applicable.



The Uniform Resource Locator that describes the location of the file to load.


A comma-delimited string consisting of zero or more of the following options in the form name=value. See Open for a full description of the valid options.

Return Value

An HtmlWindow representing the new window.

If the file referenced by url is an HTML file, text file, or other file type that can be hosted inside of Internet Explorer, it will be displayed in a new window. If the file cannot be displayed inside of Internet Explorer, then the window will open only long enough for Internet Explorer to download the resource; it will close immediately afterwards.

When you create new windows using Open or OpenNew, it causes the HTML Document Object Model to open a new instance of Internet Explorer. If you do not call Close on all of the windows you have created, this instance of Internet Explorer will remain running even after your application has quit.

If you want to load a document into a previously opened window, see the Open method.

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