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<switches> Element

Contains trace switches and the level where the trace switches are set.



Child Elements

Element Description
<add> Specifies the level where a trace switch is set.


You can change the level of a trace switch by putting it in a configuration file. If the switch is a BooleanSwitch, you can turn it on and off. If the switch is a TraceSwitch, you can assign different levels to it to specify the types of trace or debug messages the application outputs.


The following example shows how to use the <switch> element to set the General trace switch to the TraceLevel.Error level, and enable the Data Boolean trace switch.

         <add name="General" value="4" />
         <add name="Data" value="1" />

Configuration File

This element can be used in the machine configuration file (Machine.config) and the application configuration file.

See Also

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