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Defines the template class basic_istream, which mediates extractions for the iostreams, and the template class basic_iostream, which mediates both insertions and extractions. The header also defines a related manipulator. This header file is typically included for you by another iostreams header; you rarely have to include it directly.

#include <istream>  


iostreamA type basic_iostream specialized on char.
istreamA type basic_istream specialized on char.
wiostreamA type basic_iostream specialized on wchar.
wistreamA type basic_istream specialized on wchar.


wsSkips white space in the stream.
swapExchanges two stream objects.


operator>>Extracts characters and strings from the stream.


basic_iostreamA stream class that can do both input and output.
basic_istreamThe template class describes an object that controls extraction of elements and encoded objects from a stream buffer with elements of type Elem, also known as char_type, whose character traits are determined by the class Tr, also known as traits_type.

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