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MFC General Samples

The following topics are the abstracts for the MFC general samples. For a list of all MFC samples, see MFC Samples.

Sample CLIPART: Common Resources

The CLIPART directory contains sample resources that you can use to customize the appearance of your application.

CFileDialog Sample: Logging Event Order

Creates a custom dialog box that illustrates what events are generated when you create a CFileDialog.

CMNCTRL1 Sample: Demonstrates Common Control MFC Classes, Part 1

Demonstrates how to create and change the styles of Windows Common Controls using MFC classes (Part 1).

CMNCTRL2 Sample: Demonstrates Common Control MFC Classes, Part 2

Demonstrates how to create and change the styles of Windows Common Controls using MFC classes (Part 2).

CMNCTRL3 Sample: Demonstrates New MFC Controls Available in Visual Studio 2008

Demonstrates some of the new controls available with MFC on Windows Vista, including the command link button (CButton), the pager control (CPagerCtrl), the split button (CSplitButton), and the network address control (CNetAddressCtrl).

CTRLBARS Sample: Illustrates Custom Control Bars

Custom toolbar and status bar, dialog bar, and floating palette.

CTRLTEST Sample: Implements Custom Controls

Owner-draw list box and menu, custom control, bitmap button, spin control.

DIBLOOK Sample: Illustrates the Use of DIBs and Color Palettes

Demonstrates the Use of DIBs and Color Palettes.

DLGCBR32 Sample: Demonstrates Adding a Status Bar and Toolbar to Dialog Boxes

Adding a toolbar and a status bar to a dialog-based application.

DLGTEMPL Sample: Creates Dialog Templates Dynamically

Demonstrates the dynamic creation of dialog templates.

DOCKTOOL Sample: Demonstrates Dockable Toolbars

Dragging and floating toolbars that are "dockable".

DYNAMENU Sample: Dynamically Updates Menus

Dynamically modifying list of items in menus; handling commands not known at compile time; and updating the status bar command prompt for such commands.

GUIDGEN Sample: Generates Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs)

A simple dialog-based MFC application that can help you as you code ActiveX applications.

MAKEHM Sample: Utility for Associating Resources with Help Contexts

A console application that produces a mapping between resource identifications and Help contexts.

MDI Sample: Demonstrates MDI Without Using Doc/View Architecture

MDI application that does not use documents and views.

MDIDOCVW Sample: Demonstrates MDI Using Doc/View Architecture

New version of the MDI sample that uses the document/view architecture.

MMXSwarm Sample: Demonstrates CImage and Visual C++ MMX Support

Demonstrates how to use CImage, the __m64 data type, and device-independent bitmaps (DIBs).

MODELESS Sample: Uses a CDialog Object as a Modeless Dialog Box

Demonstrates the use of an MFC CDialog object as a modeless dialog.

NPP Sample: Demonstrates the Windows Messaging API (MAPI)

Demonstrates the Windows Messaging API (MAPI).

PROPDLG Sample: Demonstrates Property Sheet Support

Property sheets (dialogs).

ROWLIST Sample: Demonstrates Selecting Full Rows in List Views

Illustrates full row selection in a list-view common control.

SCRIBBLE Sample: MFC MDI Drawing Application

SCRIBBLE is drawing application that provides simple illustrations of a wide breadth of MFC features.

SimpleImage Sample: Loads, Resizes, Converts, and Saves Images

Demonstrates loading, resizing, conversion, and saving images.

SNAPVW Sample: Uses Property Pages in a Form View Application

Shows how to use property pages in a MDI child frame window.

Spiro Sample: Animated Drawing Game

A game that shows to use CImageList and how to use memory display contexts in applications requiring animation effects.

TRACKER Sample: Illustrates Various CRectTracker Styles and Options

Demonstrates various CRectTracker styles and options.

VariantUse Sample: Demonstrates the Use of Variants

Demonstrates the use of the variant data type.

VIEWEX Sample: Demonstrates Multiple Views, Scroll Views, and Splitter Windows

Multiple views, scroll view, splitter windows.

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