This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Manually Upgrading Unconverted Code

Visual Studio .NET 2003

After Java Language Conversion Assistant converts your Visual J++ project or Java-language files, the new Visual C# project might contain code that could not be converted automatically. Comments are inserted in the code of the new project to help you convert that code to Visual C# manually.

Comment Type Description
UPGRADE_TODO Code that could not be converted automatically
UPGRADE_WARNING Code that might be problematic
UPGRADE_NOTE Code that might exhibit a different behavior from the original code

There might also be some compiler errors that must be corrected before the application compiles. Each comment contains a brief description of the issue and a link to a Help topic about how to convert the code.

To upgrade unconverted code manually

  1. After running the Java Language Conversion Assistant wizard, open your project in Visual Studio .NET.
  2. On the View menu, select Show Tasks, and then either Comment or All.

    The conversion notes are displayed on the Task List.

  3. On the Task List, double-click the first conversion note.

    The focus moves to the location of that comment in the code.

  4. Examine the note and the code to which it pertains. For more information on correcting that error manually, click the link in the conversion note to display a Help topic for that error.

    Some of the conversion notes in the converted code for JSP pages are not clickable. You can cut and paste the note in the Help Search box. For a list of errors, warnings, and issues, see Java Language Errors, Warnings, and Issues. For a list of Help topics for JSP classes and methods that cannot be converted automatically, see Javax.servlet.jsp Error Messages.

  5. Upgrade the code manually.
  6. Repeat Steps 3 to 5 until all conversion notes have been addressed.

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