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Cleans all intermediary files and output directories.

devenv /clean ConfigName [/project ProjName] [/projectconfig ConfigName] SolutionName


Required. The solution configuration to use.
Required. The path and name of the solution containing the project to clean.
/project ProjName
Optional. The project file name, as an absolute path or a relative path from the directory containing the solution file. You can also specify the project display name. Use this argument to build a single project within a solution with multiple projects.
/projectconfig ConfigName
Optional. The name of the build configuration.


  • Paths that include spaces must be enclosed in double quotation marks.
  • Summary information for clean operations appears in the Command Prompt window, the Solution Builder view of the Output window, and any log file specified by the /out argument.


This example cleans the solution MySolution for the release configuration.

devenv /clean release "c:\MySolutions\Visual Studio Projects\MySolution\MySolution.sln"

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