We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Creating Add-ins and Wizards

You can extend Visual Studio by automating its features or by adding your own features. The Visual Studio Automation model can be used to extend the integrated development environment (IDE).

Important note Important

You cannot create arrays or wizards with a Visual Studio Express edition.

Extensibility Projects

Choosing an Extensibility template for an add-in.

Components of an Add-In Project

Default methods contained in an add-in project.

How to: Create an Add-In

How to create add-ins.

Add-In Registration

Registering an add-in.

Add-In Security

How to limit access to a project .addin XML registration file.

Displaying Add-Ins on Toolbars and Menus

Exposing add-ins on menus and toolbars.

Binding Add-In Commands to Keys

Connecting add-ins to keyboard shortcuts.

How to: Restore Add-In Commands to the Menu

How to restore commands that disappear from a menu.

How to: Control Add-Ins By Using the Add-In Manager

Loading, unloading, and controlling add-ins in the IDE.

How to: Deactivate and Remove an Add-In

Unloading an add-in and removing it from the Tools menu or the toolbar.

How to: Run Add-Ins on the Command Line

Configuring an add-in to load using Devenv command line.

Walkthrough: Debugging an Add-In Project

Debugging add-ins.

Walkthrough: Creating a Wizard

Creating a wizard.

Context Parameters for Launching Wizards

Starting wizards programmatically.

Configuring .Vsz Files to Start Wizards

Wizard (.vsz) files.

Adding Wizards to the Add Item and New Project Dialog Boxes by Using .Vsdir Files

VSDir files, and how they affect the Add Item and New Project dialog boxes.

Automation Object Model Chart

Shows a diagram that has the core elements of the Visual Studio automation object model.

Referencing Automation Assemblies and the DTE2 Object

How to reference the EnvDTE namespace and obtain an instance of the DTE object.

Visual Studio Commands and Switches

Describes how to control many Visual Studio features by using a command line.

Automation and Extensibility Reference

Links to reference topics about automation and extensibility in Visual Studio, for both shared and language-specific components.

Extending the Visual Studio Environment

Links to topics that show how to automate and extend Visual Studio.