Where to Obtain the .NET Framework Redistributable Package

Download the most recent version of Dotnetfx.exe from the MSDN Download Center or the Microsoft Windows Update Web site. The Microsoft MSDN Download Center also provides information about ordering .NET Framework SDK CDs.

If you need to direct users to the Internet to install the .NET Framework, do not post Dotnetfx.exe. Instead, direct users to the Microsoft Windows Update Web site.


This topic refers to Dotnetfx.exe as the setup file that contains the runtime elements for the .NET Framework. If you download the "Microsoft .NET Redistributable Package" from MSDN, you will receive a file named Dotnetredist.exe. This file contains Dotnetfx.exe. To extract Dotnetfx.exe, double-click Dotnetredist.exe. You will be prompted to save the extracted file on your computer. The extracted file is Dotnetfx.exe. Use Dotnetfx.exe for deployment purposes.

Licensed Distribution of Dotnetfx.exe

If you choose to use Dotnetfx.exe for distribution with an application created by you, you must have a validly licensed copy of the .NET Framework SDK and you agree that any use or distribution of Dotnetfx.exe associated with your Licensed Product as "Licensed Product" is defined in the .NET Framework SDK end user license agreement (the "EULA"), and is subject to the terms of the EULA. If you do not have a validly licensed copy of the .NET Framework SDK or you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you are not authorized to distribute Dotnetfx.exe and your use of Dotnetfx.exe is subject to the terms of the end user license agreement contained in the Dotnetredist.exe. For the terms of the license agreement, see the .NET Framework Redistributable EULA.

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