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Enables objects of CObject-derived classes to be created dynamically at run time.

class_name )


The actual name of the class.

The framework uses this ability to create new objects dynamically. For example, the new view created when you open a new document. Document, view, and frame classes should support dynamic creation because the framework needs to create them dynamically.

Add the DECLARE_DYNCREATE macro in the .h module for the class, then include that module in all .cpp modules that need access to objects of this class.

If DECLARE_DYNCREATE is included in the class declaration, then IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE must be included in the class implementation.

For more information on the DECLARE_DYNCREATE macro, see CObject Class Topics.


The DECLARE_DYNCREATE macro includes all the functionality of DECLARE_DYNAMIC.


See the example for IMPLEMENT_DYNCREATE.


Header: afx.h