Visual Studio 

Visual Studio is a complete suite of tools for building both desktop and team-based Enterprise Web applications. In addition to building high-performing desktop applications, you can use Visual Studio's powerful component-based development tools and other technologies to simplify team-based design, development, and deployment of Enterprise solutions.

In This Section

Introducing Visual Studio

Find out more about what's new in Visual Studio, learn more about the .NET Framework, and find pointers on how to get started with this version of Visual Studio.

Integrated Development Environment for Visual Studio

Find out about designing, developing, debugging, testing, deploying, and managing applications created with Visual Studio.

Windows-based Applications, Components, and Services

Decide which tools and technologies to use when building applications and components, as well as what items you can create with Visual Studio.

.NET Framework Programming in Visual Studio

Learn how to use the .NET Framework when developing applications in Visual Basic, Visual C#, and Visual J#.

Visual Basic

Learn what's new in Visual Basic, and discover how to use Visual Basic to develop applications.

Visual C#

Learn what's new in Visual C#, and discover how to use Visual C# to develop applications.

Visual C++

Find out about what's new in Visual C++ and discover how to use Visual C++ to develop applications.

Visual J#

Find out about Visual J#, a tool that Java-language programmers can use to build applications and services to run on the .NET Framework.


Find out about JScript .NET, a true object-oriented scripting language.

Visual Web Developer

Learn about Visual Web Developer and discover how to use Visual Web Developer to create Web applications.

Visual Studio Team System

Learn about Visual Studio 2005 Team System, which is a productive, integrated, and extensible software development life-cycle tools platform that helps software teams by improving communication and collaboration throughout the software development process.

Visual Studio Tools for Office

Find out how to create business applications that collect, analyze, manipulate, or present information, which take advantage of the robust functionality of Microsoft Office 2003

Smart Device Development

Learn how to develop software that runs on Windows CE-based smart devices such as Pocket PCs and Smartphones.

Tools and Features

Read about Crystal Reports, programming for Windows Server features, and Application Verifier.

.NET Framework Samples

Locate the latest sample applications and examples that are available with this version of Visual Studio.


Read through the tutorials available with the .NET Framework SDK.

.NET Framework Glossary

Read through definitions for common terms used in the .NET Framework.

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Visual Studio SDK

Find out about the Visual Studio Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides extensibility options and toolkits.

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