CComAutoCriticalSection Class


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CComAutoCriticalSection` provides methods for obtaining and releasing ownership of a critical section object.

class CComAutoCriticalSection : public CComCriticalSection

Public Constructors

CComAutoCriticalSection::CComAutoCriticalSectionThe constructor.
CComAutoCriticalSection::~CComAutoCriticalSectionThe destructor.

CComAutoCriticalSection is similar to class CComCriticalSection, except CComAutoCriticalSection automatically initializes the critical section object in the constructor.

Typically, you use CComAutoCriticalSection through the typedef name AutoCriticalSection. This name references CComAutoCriticalSection when CComMultiThreadModel is being used.

The Init and Term methods from CComCriticalSection are not available when using this class.



Header: atlcore.h

The constructor.



Calls the Win32 function InitializeCriticalSection, which initializes the critical section object.

The destructor.

~CComAutoCriticalSection() throw();


The destructor calls DeleteCriticalSection, which releases all system resources used by the critical section object.

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