How to: Apply Color to Excel Ranges

To apply a color to text within a range of cells, use a NamedRange control or a native Excel range object.

Applies to: The information in this topic applies to document-level projects and application-level projects for Excel 2007 and Excel 2010. For more information, see Features Available by Office Application and Project Type.

This example is for document-level customizations.

To apply color to a NamedRange control

  1. Create a NamedRange control at cell A1.

    Microsoft.Office.Tools.Excel.NamedRange rng =
        this.Controls.AddNamedRange(this.Range["A1", missing], "NamedRange1");
  2. Set the color of the text in the NamedRange control.

    rng.Font.Color = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.ToOle(System.Drawing.Color.Red);

To apply color to a native Excel range object

  • Create a range at cell A1 and then set the color of the text.

    Excel.Range rng2 = this.Application.get_Range("A1", missing);
    rng2.Font.Color = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.ToOle(System.Drawing.Color.Red);

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