This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

CMonthCalCtrl Class

Encapsulates the functionality of a month calendar control.

class CMonthCalCtrl : public CWnd

The month calendar control provides the user with a simple calendar interface, from which the user can select a date. The user can change the display by:

  • Scrolling backward and forward, from month to month.

  • Clicking the Today text to display the current day (if the MCS_NOTODAY style is not used).

  • Picking a month or a year from a pop-up menu.

You can customize the month calendar control by applying a variety of styles to the object when you create it. These styles are described in Month Calendar Control Styles in the Windows SDK.

The month calendar control can display more than one month, and it can indicate special days (such as holidays) by bolding the date.

For more information on using the month calendar control, see Using CMonthCalCtrl.

Header: afxdtctl.h