This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Compiler Warning (level 3) CS0660

'class' defines operator == or operator != but does not override Object.Equals(object o)

The compiler detected the user-defined equality or inequality operator, but no override for the Equals function. A user-defined equality or inequality operator implies that you also want to override the Equals function.

The following sample generates CS0660:

// CS0660.cs
// compile with: /W:3 /warnaserror
class Test   // CS0660
   public static bool operator == (object o, Test t)
      return true;

   // uncomment the Equals function to resolve
   // public override bool Equals(object o)
   // {
   //    return true;
   // }

   public override int GetHashCode()
      return 0;

   public static void Main()